DATE: April, 29 — May, 2, 2007Голландия

WAS EXPLORED: Amsterdam, the Hague, Delft, Keukenhof

PREHISTORY: After graduation, my university friend continued his studies at one of Amsterdam universities. I can’t say I took advantage of it immediately because at that moment I was inexperienced tourist and afraid of travelling abroad. But Oleh felt quite lonely there and persuaded me to come.
It was my first-time experience of a self-planned journey and it was rather smoothly except of the process of obtaining private visa. It required an original written invitation from the host person in the Netherlands legalized by the municipality, 3 visits to Netherland embassy and Visa Center, and interrogation interview. I floundered in my statements but with a cocksure look. So, finally I had gotten fucking visa, however with the comment that they don’t like my story.

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